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Zoo mechanic dies after fatal work injury

While we see regular reports about workplace accidents that caused injury or death in the construction and industrial industries, workers in many other fields face hazardous workplace situations. It is not uncommon for smaller industries to fail to recognize the potential dangers, and safety regulations are often ignored. Despite the size of the operation and the type of activities that take place, company owners in Pennsylvania have a duty to prevent work injury and ensure the safety of employees.

Father of 7 children struggling after absence due to work injury

Certain workers in Pennsylvania who have to face the potential dangers posed by their various occupations sometimes live in constant fear of suffering injuries that may leave their families vulnerable. Employers who recognize the importance of abiding by the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA may be able to avoid incidents of work injury and even fatalities. A worker who suffered severe workplace injuries in May is experiencing extreme anxiety about his inability to provide for his family.

Dangerous gas causes fatal work injury to 2 unprotected workers

Pennsylvania workers in various industries may be interested in the tragic deaths of two workers in another state. Their lives were lost when they were in conditions that may have required masks to protect them from inhaling dangerous gas fumes; however, they were allegedly not supplied with gas masks. In order to prevent the occurrence of a work injury, business owners are responsible for the safety of all workers on their premises, not only by supplying protective gear, but also by providing safety training and safe work environments.

Workers' Compensation benefits in 2009 case recently allowed

Pennsylvania residents may be aware of the case of a night manager at a 24-hour convenience store who died in 2009 after trying to apprehend a person who attempted to rob the store. After workers' compensation benefits had initially been authorized, the decision was appealed and the aid was denied. The appeals board reportedly determined that the worker was no longer acting as an employee when he left his post in order to chase down the robber.

Woman blames employer for husband's death after work injury

When Pennsylvania women see their husbands leave home to go to potentially dangerous jobs in other states, they likely experience constant anxiety over the safety and well-being of their loved ones. They are also most probably aware of every media report about work injury or even deaths as the result of such injuries. Although employers are required to provide safe working environments and comply with the strict safety rules prescribed by OSHA, workers are regularly injured or killed as the result of the noncompliance of employers.

Work injury sustained after worker trapped in mulch elevator

As the result of regular media reports about workplace accidents in Pennsylvania, the families of industrial and construction workers are often particularly concerned over the welfare of their loved ones while they are at work. Workers in these industries are at risk every day, and their employers have a duty to provide safe workplace surroundings, equipment and machinery. In cases where safety measures are not adhered to, a serious work injury or death could occur.

Shippensburg foundry facing big financial penalties from OSHA

How many times does a company have to be disciplined by a government agency in order to make changes that improve workplace safety? In the case of one Shippensburg company, the answer isn't yet clear, but for the third time in four years, the company -- Domestic Casting Co. -- has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for multiple safety violations.

Details limited after fatal industrial accident in Pennsylvania

The health and safety of workers is often top priority in work environments, but in dangerous careers, it can be difficult to eliminate all risks. Occupations with high chances of work related accidents and injuries often require additional training and safety measures. Employers and employees seek to eliminate on-the-job injuries and fatal accident in order to promote production and avoid lost wages. Although safety initiatives are often put in place and adjusted to keep workers safe, tragedy could strike at any time, whether it is simply an accident or due to the negligence of another in the work environment.

Worker crushed in fatal accident at Pennsylvania worksite

Blue-collar jobs often require much manual labor. In addition to the physical exertion they require, they also include some dangers and risks in the work environment. Whether it is the tools that workers use or the physical demand of the job, safety measures should be implemented in order to reduce the chances of an accident. On-the-job injuries could occur if the employer does not take the steps necessary to train employees and provide them with safety equipment. If they fail to uphold this duty of care, a serious or fatal work accident could occur.

Pennsylvania worker killed after being trapped in salt pile

With any job a combination of training and education is usually required. For jobs that are potentially dangerous, proper safety training will help ensure that the risk of injury is reduced significantly. Moreover, safety features, such as special equipment and emergency procedures, are important as well. Adequate safety training should also be kept up-to-date in order to avoid a workplace incident. When proper precautions are not followed a serious or fatal work accident could occur.

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