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Young driver arraigned on charges following fatal auto accident

A 19-year-old Pennsylvania man was recently arraigned on vehicular homicide while DUI and other charges. These charges relate to a tragic auto accident in which his passenger lost her life. It is alleged that the young man was intoxicated at the time of the crash on Oct. 26, 2014.

Car accidents: Passenger's death may lead to wrongful death claim

In Pennsylvania, as in other states, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the safety of the passengers traveling with him or her. Unfortunately, drivers are sometimes distracted by their surroundings or mobile devices, and in some cases, alcohol or recklessness may play a part in the negligent actions that lead to collisions. Any personal injuries or deaths resulting from car accidents that were caused by allegedly negligent drivers could lead to civil claims, regardless of the relationship between the driver and the passengers.

3 Passengers injured in serious car accident blamed on speeding

It's no secret that many young drivers drive too fast. It is not uncommon for them to travel in groups, and the consequences of negligent driving often include severe injuries to passengers. A recent serious car accident in Pennsylvania resulted in the hospitalization of four young people.

Car accidents: Sleeping driver allegedly kills pedestrian

Driving a motor vehicle without sufficient rest can have deadly consequences. That risk is not limited to truck drivers. Commuters sometimes drive after working long shifts, placing themselves and others in or near the roadway in danger. Car accidents caused by sleepy drivers are often deadly, as was the one that recently caused the death of a Pennsylvania pedestrian.

Auto accident by 17-year-old driver kills teenager, injures 5

As in other states, fatalities and injuries in car accidents that involve teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are of great concern to many. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur when a group of teens travel together. One such tragic auto accident recently occurred in Bucks County.

Route 255 cross-over auto accident claims 3 lives

When Pennsylvania drivers cross over the center line into the lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction, it is never easy to determine why it happened, especially if the cross-over driver dies in the accident. While distractions are often the cause of such accidents, there is always a possibility of a medical condition suffered by the driver. Regardless, a cross-over auto accident typically requires thorough investigation to provide clarity.

Child suffers severe personal injury when car strikes his scooter

When children share the roads with vehicular traffic while they are riding on scooters or bicycles, they are typically at significant risk. Vehicle operators are not always considerate when they come across children traveling on the busy roadways, and collisions can have devastating consequences. A 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy landed in a hospital after suffering severe personal injury when he was struck by a passenger vehicle.

Will collision-avoidance systems prevent rear-end car accidents?

Rear-end accidents are not uncommon on Pennsylvania roads. The National Transportation Safety Board says approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur nationwide every year. The deaths and injuries that result from these car accidents are reported to be 1,700 and 500,000 respectively. These alarming numbers likely gave rise to a call by NTSB for all auto manufacturers to include collision-avoidance systems as regular equipment in new vehicles.

Two-car crash in Pennsylvania kills three and injures four

Any motor vehicle accident could potentially be traumatic and devastating. However, when young drivers and young passengers are involved, a fatal accident seriously impacts those closest to them as well as the community. The loss of a loved one is a very emotional and difficult event to get through, and when several young individuals are involved in the automobile collision it can be even more challenging to cope with.

Two-car accident in Pennsylvania kills six

Residential roads, city streets and major highways are not only useful for drivers but they are necessary for Pennsylvania residents to reach their destination safely and on time. Although several safety features and rules have been put in place to promote and increase safety on the roadways, drivers are still at risk because no matter how much they try to be a safe driver, they cannot always avoid a negligent driver. This ultimately could lead to a fatal car crash.

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