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Snow removal bill proposed in hopes of preventing truck accidents

After failing to obtain Pennsylvania General Assembly approval previously, a state senator recently reintroduced legislation that will require drivers of tractor-trailers to ensure that their vehicles are free of accumulated ice and snow before taking to the road. She is hopeful that the proposal will be successful this time. Although truckers may be penalized if someone suffers severe injuries that are caused by ice or snow originating from a truck under current law, she endeavors to be proactive and prevent such truck accidents rather than waiting for tragedies to happen.

How can legal assistance help victims of truck accidents?

Many drivers of passenger vehicles feel threatened by 18-wheelers and other large trucks on Pennsylvania roads. Considering the size and weight of these vehicles, the feeling of vulnerability is understandable. Media reports regularly describe fatalities and life-changing injuries caused by truck drivers who are exhausted from driving for periods longer than the law allows. In many cases, the vehicles that are involved in truck accidents carry massive loads that require drivers to be alert at all times.

Truck accidents in Pennsylvania often result from drunk driving

Truck drivers who disregard road safety regulations can be the cause of devastating accidents. Trucks typically need more space than a car to come to a halt, and many truck accidents in Pennsylvania and other states occur when the drivers fail to keep a safe following distance. Driving at a rate of speed unsuitable for traffic conditions and following too closely, combined with alcohol intake, is a foolproof recipe for fatal accidents.

Pennsylvania truck accidents -- did driver fall asleep?

Tractor-trailer drivers in Pennsylvania who operate these heavy vehicles while they are tired or exhausted may cause devastating accidents with multiple injuries and fatalities. Suffering exhaustion while driving reduces the driver's ability to recognize potentially dangerous situations and the ability to react appropriately in order to avoid a collision. In fact, it is not uncommon for drivers in such a state to fall asleep and cause truck accidents without even being aware of surrounding traffic at the time of the collision.

Victims of truck accidents may claim from driver and truck owner

Drivers of heavy vehicles may not always recognize the threat they pose on Pennsylvania roads. Truck accidents are known to result in severe injuries, or even fatalities, when cars are involved. The sheer weight and size of a truck traveling at a high rate of speed can make it a deadly weapon.

Recording truckers' hours of service could go electronic

Too often, Pennsylvanians' lives are put at risk when truck drivers violate hours-of-service regulations and drive too long without rest. To protect us from truck driver fatigue, federal regulations require the operators of large commercial vehicles to keep detailed driving records.

SUV collides with tractor-trailer on Interstate 78, injuring 1

Whether or not people think about it, interstate highways in Pennsylvania are dangerous. Many of us never think that we will be the ones involved in a highway accident; however, all of us have seen an accident on the side of the road at one time or another. For those of us who have been involved in an accident, we now just how terrifying and damaging a motor vehicle accident can be.

Multi-vehicle collision involving a box truck injures several

Although winter weather conditions can interfere with safe travel for anyone driving on the roadways in Pennsylvania, traveling at night could increase the chances of an incident occurring. During the late night and early morning hours, various vehicles utilize the major roads, but often times it is large larges that are seen making late night commutes in order to reach their destination. Truck drivers frequently drive long hours and through the night in order to get their shipment to its destination timely. Truck drivers often encounter more dangers on the road, such as driver fatigue, drunk drivers, bad night vision and dangerous road conditions due to inclement weather. This could ultimately lead to a serious truck accident.

Pileup on Pennsylvania Turnpike injures 30

For some Pennsylvania residents the winter months can be rather enjoyable. But for others, it is just a time they spend waiting for the spring weather to arrive. This winter has been rather rough for this region this year, which has also caused drivers to endure higher risks. Dangerous road conditions could lead to a serious accident, Furthermore, larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, could cause serious injuries and severe damage in an accident. A truck accident could also lead to a multi-vehicle collision, affecting numerous people and cars.

Car and garbage truck collide in Delaware COunty

Pennsylvania residents know the cars and vehicles that are necessary to a well-run city, like mail trucks, delivery trucks and garbage trucks. Many of these vehicles are large in size. Those diving these massive trucks tend to drive with more caution because of they are more challenging to handle and maneuver. In addition, these trucks have large blind spots, which could cause nearby vehicles to go unnoticed. This could lead to a truck accident resulting in serious injuries and severe damages.

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