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2 commercial truck accidents in 2 hours cause multiple injuries

Accidents between passenger vehicles and heavy commercial trucks usually end with fatalities and/or severe injuries. The protection offered by the body of a car or pickup truck is just not robust enough to protect occupants against the impact of a truck that could weigh thousands of pounds. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that the Hazleton police had to attend to two separate truck accidents on a recent Thursday morning.

Certain steps by drivers can avoid commercial truck accidents

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,921 people lost their lives in 2012 in crashes involving commercial trucks nationwide, including in Pennsylvania. Another 104,000 people were injured in truck accidents. For other road users, these numbers are alarming, and motorists may feel threatened when they have to share the roadways with big rigs.

Truck accidents: 3 airlifted after suffering critical injuries

When cars are in the way of out-of-control commercial trucks, the occupants of the cars often have slim chances of survival. Truck accidents on Pennsylvania highways often result from drivers not taking note of the traffic conditions ahead. Three occupants of two cars were fortunate to survive a recent crash that involved multiple vehicles.

Semi-truck crash kills 67-year-old pickup truck driver

A 67-year-old Pennsylvania man lost his life on a recent Tuesday afternoon in an accident for which the other driver is now facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide. This semi\-truck crash involved eight vehicles and occurred in Salem Township on Route 22. Reportedly, a similar truck accident injured three people on that stretch of road about this time last year.

Unnecessary opioid patch leads to medical malpractice claim

Some Pennsylvania residents who have loved ones in health care centers are concerned about the level of care they receive. Such a facility in another state was recently sued by the executor of the estate of a patient who died at the facility in November 2014. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the defendants administered an unnecessary and powerful opioid painkiller that rendered the patient debilitated for the 18 months leading up to her death.

2 tourists, bus driver, die in Pennsylvania semi-truck crash

A group of tourists from another country was traveling in a contracted bus on a sightseeing trip when their vacation was abruptly interrupted. While traveling on Interstate 380 in Pennsylvania, the bus was involved in a semi-truck crash. State police are investigating the deadly accident to determine the reason for the semi-truck crossing a wide median into the traffic lane of the bus.

Pennsylvania tractor trailer accident claims life of driver

Whenever motorists are driving on Pennsylvania roads, they are exposed to many safety hazards. The dangers are multiplied during the winter when snow accumulates on roadways or in areas where ice forms on the road surface. While weather conditions are often blamed for accidents, it remains a driver's responsibility to recognize the hazards and drive accordingly. Interstate 70 westbound was closed for almost nine hours after a recent fatal tractor trailer accident.

Pedestrian stuck and killed by ice cream truck

In a collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian will almost always get the worst of it. When the motor vehicle is a large commercial truck, the pedestrian is often seriously injured or killed. A recent Pennsylvania truck crash serves as a tragic reminder.

Pennsylvania woman killed in trailer accident at campground

The summer months often mean family vacations for Pennsylvania residents. For some, this might mean loading up their vehicle, packing up their camping gear, hitching up a camper and hitting the road. Families frequent campgrounds during the warm months. Families will often attach a camper for long distances in order to camp at an ideal location, but that can create some risks and dangers. A trailer may not be properly hitched or maintained and could cause a trailer accident.

Pennsylvania driver dead after head-on collision with truck

Incidents on the roadway are well known to residents in Pennsylvania, but fatal accidents are always hard to deal with. Truck accidents tend to not only be fatal but are also very destructive. These massive vehicles are able to crush other automobiles they collide with, create severe damage on the roadway, cause serious injuries and even cause death. Although truck drivers are trained specifically to cover long distances safely by close regulation of their driving hours and conditions, they can be involved in serious crashes not necessarily the fault of the truck driver.

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