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Commercial vehicle accidents are most common during the day

We know well that driving at night is more dangerous and increases accident odds. Young drivers especially understand this for two reasons. First, they actually find it harder and more intimidating to drive at night. Second, they have to spend designated hours driving at night to get a license, stressing the extra risks.

Why UPS trucks aren't supposed to make left turns

If you watch UPS drivers in town, you will sometimes notice the trucks make left turns. However, it is very uncommon. They generally attempt to make as many right turns as possible to get to the same destination, even if that means it takes them longer.

Are deadly commercial accidents getting more common?

We have more exposure to news and information than ever before, and it can often make it feel like negative events are happening far more often. You're flooded with stories about wildfires and car accidents and other tragic events.

Establishing liability after a taxicab accident

Taxi drivers are typically known for their hours on the road and traditionally for their good knowledge of routes. However, they also have a reputation for driving in a hurried style, focusing on getting you where you need to be but also potentially compromising safety at the same time.

Remaining safe while sharing the road with semitrucks

For many drivers, large trucks are such a common part of driving that they forget just how dangerous these enormous automotive beasts can be. Especially on highways and interstates, large trucks pose serious threats to the safety of consumer drivers, who often behave dangerously when sharing the road.

Distracted driving accidents increase without documentation

Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the country. The biggest distraction facing drivers of all ages and skill levels is the use of a mobile phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many states have banned texting while driving and other hand-held use of phones and electronics but the laws have not curbed the distracted driving epidemic.

Who can be held liable in a company car crash?

Driving a company car comes with a lot of responsibility. Even though it is not your own car, you still need to take care of it like it is. You also need to drive it like it is your own. There's no need for recklessness when driving a company car. A common question that arises is, who can be held liable in a company car crash? We will answer that for you in today's post.

An overview of driver fatigue in Pennsylvania

Driver fatigue is a serious problem affecting commercial drivers in the state of Pennsylvania. It can lead to accidents that can cause serious injury or even death. Hundreds of drivers can be affected by one fatigued driver. Here is a brief overview of driver fatigue and how it can be avoided.

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