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Photo of Edward P. Shaughnessy

3 steps to safely get ready for the summer motorcycle season

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In spring and summer, motorcycles come back out onto the Pennsylvania roads. Whether you have a small imported motorcycle or a Harley-Davidson cruiser, you may be eager to feel the wind rushing past you as you cruise down the Pennsylvania highways.

After a few months off, you may be a bit out of practice with managing a motorcycle, and your bike and gear may require some personal attention. The three suggestions below can minimize your risk of getting into a wreck when you go out for your first ride of the season.

Prioritize spring maintenance

Keeping your bike in working order requires frequent maintenance and repairs throughout the riding season. You also need to do a thorough inspection and tune-up when you bring your bike out of winter storage.

You will need to check for rodent damage to ensure that all of the blinkers and brake lights still work. You will also need to drain and replace fluids. There will be many stages and getting your bike ready for safe rides on the Pennsylvania roads, and skipping any steps may increase your risk of a wreck.

Take it slowly when you first go out

The first ride of the season is a joyful experience, and you may want to really open your bike up after having it in storage for so long. However, for the first few rides, it is likely better to go for shorter, slower-speed rides around your neighborhood.

These slower rides will help you catch any maintenance issues that slip past your notice during your spring tune-up. They can also be a crucial opportunity for you to regain some of your motorcycle proficiency after several months of driving only four-wheeled vehicles.

Inspect and upgrade your safety equipment

How long has it been since you bought a new helmet? Have you invested in the newest generation of visibility gear yet?

The spring and early summer are ideal opportunities for you to invest in new safety gear. Many shops may even offer sales to tempt riders in after a long, slow winter season. Making sure that everything fits properly and replacing items that show signs of wear will ensure that your safety gear is up to the challenge if you do get into a crash.

Motorcycle riders have a lot of risk if something goes wrong out on the road. Making safety your top priority could help you avoid a motorcycle collision when you ride this spring, summer and fall.