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Lax security leads to many injuries in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Injury News |

Of all the dangers you might encounter on private or commercial property, violence is usually the most harrowing. They must deal with the physical injuries suffered in such incidents and any psychological trauma they may also suffer.

Unfortunately, many properties in Easton and other Pennsylvania regions have lax or absent security, putting many innocent victims at risk. Whether someone attacks you or tries to rob you, your injuries could lead to medical expenses, lost wages and other hardships.

Examples of lax security

To address injuries arising from negligent security, you may qualify for a premises liability claim to acquire financial compensation. However, you must be prepared to prove you suffered preventable harm on another’s property.  Examples of potentially dangerous negligent security include:

  • Lack of lighting in parking lots, stairwells and other shadowy areas.
  • Lack of fences, gates and other barriers that help keep criminal elements off the property.
  • Lack of security guards or personnel in areas known for crimes against people.
  • Lack of secure door and window locks in apartment buildings.
  • Lack of camera surveillance to deter crimes like assault and robbery (many robbery victims suffer injuries).

Certain areas may increase the risk of an attack or an injury. For example, poorly lit parking lots, alleys and stairways are ideal environments for crimes of violence, leading to victim injuries.

When property owners know about the injury risks associated with their premises, they must address and remove these risks. If owners fail to do so and victims are attacked or injured, a successful premises liability claim can make these victims whole again. We suggest familiarizing yourself with the premises liability laws in Pennsylvania if negligent security led to your injuries.