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“Special damages” in Pennsylvanian wrongful death cases

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Injuries |

Law and Order is more than TV episodes. Laws are a way for societies to keep order. Much like parents set guidelines for their children, governments make, pass and enforce the law.

The area of law that often gets the majority of attention is criminal law. Laws against murder and manslaughter, for example, are meant to keep the civilian population safe.

The little brother of criminal law is civil law. It’s more civil. Civil laws give legal recourse in the event of being damaged by someone’s dangerous and reckless behavior that shows a blatant disregard for others. More than a business deal gone wrong, we are talking about wrongful death. The damages for wrongful death are commonly known. However, let’s look at the “special damage” afforded under Pennsylvania law.

5 types of special damages for wrongful death

In addition to other damages, plaintiffs are often well within their rights to seek damages for the following expenses:

  • Hospital stays: Before the injured passes away, there are often significant medical bills.
  • Nursing care: Sometimes an injured party spends time in a nursing home before leaving this life.
  • Medical care: In addition to hospital stays, many receive numerous medical services such as labs, doctor appointments and outpatient surgeries.
  • Funeral arrangements: Funeral and burial costs can be compensated for in the event of a wrongful death case.
  • Administration of the estate: To conclude the affairs of a person means executing and administrating the remaining estate.

Common damages to a person or property are well known. However, the five special damages above can be surprising to some. The fifth one, the administration of the estate, is intuitive. If the person hadn’t died, they wouldn’t need the execution of their estate. The law strives to be just with all forms of damages.

If one has suffered a wrong, there is a way to make it right. Discussing the merits of your case with a professional who is experienced in wrongful death laws in Pennsylvania, can help to protect your rights under the law.