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Burns: Common injuries in motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Burn injuries can be common in motorcycle collisions. This is because the muffler itself is already hot, so if a person’s skin touches it, a burn is easy to get. Motorcycle exhaust burns can be extremely painful, and they do have the potential to lead to infection and other complications.

Motorcycle exhausts and mufflers get the hottest, and they may cause anything from a first-degree to third-degree burn. Riding safely is a key component in avoiding these burns, but in a collision, they may still happen.

How do motorcycle burns happen?

Usually, motorcycle burns happen when exposed skin touches the muffler or exhaust pipe. Both get extremely hot.

In a collision, someone who is trapped under the motorcycle and pinned may suffer burns through skin contact or through their clothing. It is more likely to see severe burns in collisions when victims cannot get the motorcycle off of them or if they are unconscious.

Do riders need medical attention for motorcycle burns?

Yes. Riders should seek medical attention any time they’re involved in a motorcycle crash. Burns will range in severity, but it’s important to seek emergency attention as soon as possible for them. With certain treatments, it may be possible to slow the spread of the burn or to reduce the risk of infection or further complications.

If the skin blisters, looks ashy or has turned black, then the 911 operator should be informed, so that the victim may be transported to a burn unit that treats traumatic injuries.

What should victims of burns expect in the long term?

It’s hard to say what the prognosis will be, because it depends on how severe the burn is and how much of the body it covers. Infections and scarring are common complications. Some patients may need to have limbs amputated if the burns are serious enough.

After any kind of crash, it’s important to seek medical care. Burns, in particularly, are painful and could lead to infection, but other injuries may need to be treated as well. Get medical care, and remember that you can ask for coverage for the cost of that care by starting a claim against an at-fault driver.