Are some motorcycles safer than others?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When you mention that you ride motorcycles to people, you probably receive a lot of feedback from them telling you how dangerous it is to do so. People who give such responses probably don’t realize that many different motorbikes exist, including cruisers, touring and sports ones. Some are more dangerous than others.

Cruisers are often sturdy and lightweight. Motorcyclists have to invest a bit more effort in moving in and out of traffic on these, yet they can absorb significant force in a crash thanks to their strong frame.

Sports bikes tend to be lightweight, which, in turn, makes them more aerodynamic and maneuverable. Their easy manipulation allows motorcyclists to weave in and out of traffic to avoid potential crashes. A downside to these sports bikes’ construction is that a less experienced motorcyclist who isn’t aware of how easy it is to maneuver such a motorcycle may overcompensate, losing control of it.

Touring bikes can be bulky, heavy and wide, which means that it can take a lot more effort for a car striking it to knock it to the ground. Learning to ride such a bike isn’t easy and is thus is why not just anyone should purchase this type of bike. Touring motorcycles are easily some of the safest ones that you can buy, though.

While the type of motorcycle has a lot to do with a biker’s crash risk, a motorcyclist’s skill level does too. Experienced riders best operate touring motorcycles. Recently licensed riders may find beginner bikes more forgiving to operate. Motorcyclists can benefit from conducting research about the motorcycles best suited for them, taking classes and from test also operating them to see which one is truly the best fit.

One of the biggest threats for motorcyclists out on the road is other vehicles. Cars and trucks can easily maim or kill a motorbike operator in an instant. You’re bound to suffer serious injuries requiring dedicated care after a collision. An attorney can advise you how you can recover compensation from the negligent motorist who struck you.