The autumn motorcycle season is almost here

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In some ways, riding your motorcycle in the autumn is even better than riding it in the summer. You get cooler temperatures, which can be nice when wearing leather or a protective suit. You get the beautiful leaves in Pennsylvania, which can be reason enough to go for a ride as they change colors. It’s a wonderful time of year.

However, riding in the fall does come with some new hazards. First and foremost, the days are getting shorter. Rides that would have been well-lit in the summer are now done at dusk or even in the dark. This changes your visibility, making it harder for other drivers to see you, and could lead to an accident.

As those leaves fall, they can also create hazards on the road. You can lose traction and even lose control of the bike. This is especially true if the leaves are wet and they clump up. Make sure you ride with care.

Animal hazards also increase. Deer, in particular, are very active during the fall mating season. They may cross the road more often and cause accidents — either with you or the car ahead of you. Some drivers will also swerve to avoid deer, even when they shouldn’t, and they could end up swerving right into your path.

Finally, the road can get slick as the temperatures drop. When you start to see frost and ice, it may be time to put the bike in the garage.

You can absolutely enjoy riding during this season. Just make sure you know what risks you face and what steps to take when involved in an accident. You may have a claim for compensation that can help with your medical bills and other losses.