What if your car accident affects your income?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents clearly affect your life from the moment they happen. This is true even when just your car is damaged, but especially so when you suffer injuries. You may need to spend time in the hospital recovering and healing. Even after getting released, you may need more recovery time at home. It only takes a split second for another driver to cause a crash, but you could be paying for it for weeks.

But what if your injuries are more than a short-term issue? What if that car accident causes you to lose your job?

Maybe you worked in the construction industry, for instance, doing manual labor. You were in great shape and you needed to be. After the accident, though, you ended up with lasting hip pain and reduced mobility. You could no longer do the physical jobs you used to do, and you were much slower at the jobs you could accomplish. Eventually, your employer told you that they felt bad for you, but they had to replace you with someone else who could actually do the work.

In this way, your motor vehicle accident has now massively impacted your current earnings and your future earnings potential. You may be able to find another job to replace the one you had, but there are a lot of questions. How many paychecks will you miss? How much does the new job pay? Do you even have skills that translate into a new industry that you never planned to work in?

When you’re facing these types of post-accident financial issues, it is important to know how you can seek compensation.