Girl making ‘marvelous’ recovery after being hit by a car

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Car Accidents |

It’s been approximately six months since a seven-year-old girl was hit by a car while getting off of a school bus and crossing the street back in October. The driver who hit her failed to stop properly. The good news is that the girl just got to come home and appears to be making great strides toward recovering.

Doctors did not know at the time how she would do. When the car slammed into her at 3:30 that fall afternoon, she suffered a serious brain injury. Her mother claims she nearly died on the way to the hospital. But she did survive, and, riding in a wheelchair, she’s now coming home.

“By God’s grace [she] is here riding in dad’s car,” her mother said in an interview with Fox 29. “It’s just marvelous.”

That does not mean she is fully through this yet, and she may never fully recover. As noted, she is still in a wheelchair. She will need time for rehab and long-term recovery. But she is home, and that’s something her family is very thankful for. It’s not something they knew for sure that they would ever see after the car struck her, so it is very welcome progress.

Cases like this often give families loads of expensive medical bills than they could ever dream of repaying, especially with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that require months or years of treatment. Even then, there is no guarantee of a full recovery. TBI patients must know if they have a right to seek financial compensation after a serious accident.