Never pass a turning truck on the right

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Trucking Accidents |

When a semi-truck driver has to turn right, he or she often takes the turn as wide as possible. This is done to make sure that the trailer, which cuts the corner, actually makes it through the turn.

The problem is that some people think that the open space on the right side of the truck is wide enough for their car. They don’t realize that the truck needs that space to turn. This then leads to a potentially serious accident.

For instance, one trucker was turning right from one of two right-turn lanes. He was in the inside lane, with his blinker on. There were no cars on his right.

He started to turn, and that’s when a woman in a small car tried to go by him on the right. As he described it, she tried to “sneak” past. As the semi turned, it swung into her lane and slammed into her car.

The driver said that he stopped right away, but the accident still showed just how hazardous this type of situation can become. The driver didn’t think anyone was there. The woman thought she could use the outside lane. Both assumptions meant that the two vehicles were trapped on a collision course.

While it’s easy for truck drivers to say that other drivers must understand that trucks take these extra-wide turns, the reality is that most drivers have never driven a truck and have no idea. In the above scenario, the truck driver was cited in the accident.

If you get injured in a crash with a semi, you need to know what rights you have to compensation.