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Photo of Edward P. Shaughnessy

10 safety tips for truck drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Trucking Accidents |

It’s very important for truck drivers to understand that an accident in such a large vehicle really puts other drivers in serious danger. They need to know how to drive safely and avoid a crash that could injure or kill others are the road. Safety must come before productivity, deadlines and related pressures of the job.

With that in mind, here are 10 safety tips that all truck drivers should consider carefully:

  1. Pay attention to the weather reports before getting on the road.
  2. Always stay alert and pay attention to the traffic around the truck.
  3. When parking, check out the area on foot if possible.
  4. Try to drive when traffic volumes are lowest, avoiding rush hour.
  5. Leave a large cushion of distance between the front of the truck and the next vehicle.
  6. During the night, drive very cautiously and understand the negative impact of reduced visibility.
  7. Use a GPS to help define the route and give warnings in advance; for instance, a GPS can state that an exit is coming up miles before it arrives.
  8. Try to change lanes as little as possible.
  9. Always do maintenance and check basic components, like the brakes, before a long drive.
  10. Obey the speed limit. If conditions warrant it, drive under the speed limit. Remember that trucks take longer to stop and excessive speed is very dangerous.

These tips can help, and many truckers do a great job of using them every day. However, some drivers still do cause accidents, and it’s important for those who get injured in these accidents to understand their legal rights to compensation.