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Will these 4 tips help you avoid a head-on collision at night?

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If you have lived in the Lehigh Valley area for any length of time, you know that there are some heavily traveled roadways here. With the number of vehicles that pass through the area on a regular basis, it shouldn’t surprise you that numerous accidents occur in the area.

Despite this fact, you still need to get around. You probably travel at various times of the day and night. It is at night when you may encounter one of the most frightening sights on any roadway — a pair of headlights traveling directly at you that do not appear to have any intention of moving.

Avoiding a head-on collision

There are some things you can do to avoid this eventuality. In fact, heeding these four pieces of advice could save your life one day:

  • Make sure that you focus your eyes on the horizon so that you may be able to see any traffic issues of ahead of you.
  • Slow down. This may give you time to find a way out and the other driver time to get back into his or her lane, or at least move to your left and out of your way.
  • Stay in the right lane or drive as close to the right edge of the road as you safely can. Most wrong-way drivers are in your left lane, so staying to the right may help you stay out of the way.
  • If another vehicle is heading right toward you, always move to your right. If the other driver realizes at the last second that he or she is in your lane, they will probably move to your left, and if you move that way, too, you will probably collide.

Following these simple tips may help you live through an encounter with a wrong-way driver. Perhaps you will avoid a collision all together and not even suffer any injury. After a narrow escape, you may need to pull over and take a breath, but at least you made it through.

On the other hand, if you are able to avoid the head-on collision, but still end up colliding with the other vehicle or something else while trying to avoid the wrong-way vehicle, you could suffer serious injuries. If that happens, you may pursue compensation from the at fault driver and any other party who may bear some legal liability for the accident.