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7 tips to avoid car crashes

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You cannot avoid all car accidents. It’s impossible. Human error just plays too large of a role.

However, attentive driving could help people avoid more accidents than they do right now. Many people get hit due to other’s mistakes when they could have taken simple action to prevent the crash. Here are seven tips that can help you:

  1. Pause at a green light. Look both ways. Yes, you have the right of way, but look out for red light runners every time.
  2. Turn or enter traffic slowly and carefully. Turn the music down and listen to traffic around you as you do so.
  3. Always keep your hands on the wheel. Be ready to react instantly when something goes wrong. That split second it takes to grab the wheel could be too much.
  4. Do not count on backup cameras or mirrors. Use them, as they can help, but also turn and look before you drive.
  5. Look farther ahead of your car than you feel is necessary. Your eyes should really keep scanning the place you’ll be in 10 seconds. Look for hazards long before you actually approach them.
  6. Never get too close to the next car. Tailgating does not just mean being half a second back. Two seconds is too close. Aim for three or four.
  7. Be kind and courteous. Move over to let others merge. Let people turn ahead of you. Use your horn sparingly. Never escalate a situation, even if you were not in the wrong.

Again, perfect driving can’t prevent all accidents. Make sure you still know your rights to seek compensation after a wreck.

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