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5 post-accident tips to help you get back on your bike

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Uncategorized |

You rode your motorcycle for years without fear or anxiety. You respected the bike and the risks, of course, and you used proper safety gear. But you never felt nervous while riding.

Then you got in an accident. A truck turned left in front of you, and you could not avoid the impact. You wound up in the hospital. Now, you are not sure if you can ever ride your bike again.

To help you get back on, here are five tips:

  1. Carefully consider exactly what happened: Don’t just live in fear of the accident. Break it down, consider what really happened and take steps to make sure it does not happen to you again. Be proactive about safety.
  2. Don’t rush it: Make sure you really heal completely before trying to ride again. Make sure you’re mentally prepared.
  3. Accept that riding a motorcycle comes with risk: Defensive driving helps, but you cannot eliminate all risks.
  4. Consider riding again in a controlled setting: For instance, take a training course. You may not need the training, but going through the course can break down that mental wall and make riding fun again.
  5. Remember that you are in control of your life: Do not let your fear control you. It may be hard to go out that first time after the accident, but you will find that it gets progressively easier the more you do it. Do not be afraid of taking small steps and short rides while working your way back.

If you are facing significant expenses in the wake of the initial crash, make sure you know what rights you have to financial compensation.