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Grandfather dies in multi-car crash

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A multi-car crash in Pennsylvania left one person dead and injured four more.

An SUV reportedly started the chain-reaction accident when it slammed into a concrete barrier. This caused the SUV to roll, sending a nearby car careening into a second SUV. The grandfather who was driving that car died.

Bystanders who watched the wreck attempted to help the man by giving him CPR. When authorities arrived on the scene, they took over treatment and brought the man to the hospital. Unfortunately, he ultimately passed away at the medical center. He was 61 years old.

One SUV only had a driver inside, but no passengers. That driver did not suffer any injuries.

The other SUV contained a mother, a baby and two older children. It was that SUV that crashed first, hitting the barrier and rolling. The mother survived, but she was taken to UPMC Mercy. As of the last reports, her condition is stable. Her children also lived through the wreck, though emergency crews took them to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. They are also said to be in stable condition.

Reports about the fatal crash note that it had been raining in the area where the accident occurred. The police have not yet said whether or not that contributed to the accident, however, as they are still carrying out their investigation.

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