Remaining safe while sharing the road with semitrucks

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

For many drivers, large trucks are such a common part of driving that they forget just how dangerous these enormous automotive beasts can be. Especially on highways and interstates, large trucks pose serious threats to the safety of consumer drivers, who often behave dangerously when sharing the road.

Sharing the road with a large truck is an important responsibility for consumer drivers. Unfortunately, too many consumer drivers fail to realize just how differently these vehicles operate than their own vehicles, and end up causing or contributing to nearly 80 percent of all large truck accidents.

Large trucks cannot brake as quickly or effectively as consumer vehicles, and their trailers may jackknife if they brake too quickly or have to steer abruptly to avoid hitting a hazard or another driver. Similarly, truck drivers have some very large blind spots, primarily directly behind trailer, or directly beside or in front of the cab. If a driver stays in one of these blind spots, often called a truck’s “no-zone,” the truck driver cannot see them and may change lanes without realizing the other vehicle is there. If it has been some time since you reviewed safe practices for sharing the road with a large truck, be sure to make this a priority soon.

As you share the road with large trucks, be sure to give them plenty of space, especially when braking, to ensure that neither of you suffers unnecessary damages or injuries. If you do suffer damages or injuries in an accident, you can consult with an experienced attorney who understands how to build claims involving commercial trucks. With professional counsel , you can keep your rights secure as you pursue a fair resolution to your accident.

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