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Pennsylvania lawmaker accused of crashing government car twice

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A Pennsylvania lawmaker is facing serious accusations that she drove a government car, which is paid for by her taxpayers, while she had a suspended driver’s license. According to reports, she’s also been accused of causing a car accident in that same vehicle, and she then allegedly fled the scene of the crash.

The woman was actually charged with driving on that suspended license twice in just 12 days.

The accidents, however, happened in both January and February. The first one occurred on Jan. 11. She apparently did not call the authorities to tell them about the wreck and simply opted to run from the scene. She didn’t give any assistance to the other driver or exchange information. She also faced speeding accusations.

The next accident happened around 8:00 in the evening on Feb. 2. Per the Pennsylvania State Police, her car was in a driveway and she tried to pull into the road, but she did so in an unsafe manner and/or without signalling. They say she pulled into traffic and slammed into a second vehicle.

The woman denies that the crash was her fault, saying she was all the way into the road and the other vehicle then hit her. Both the 55-year-old woman and the driver of the other car wound up in the hospital with neck and arm injuries.

The reason her license was suspended for both of those accidents was that she got a speeding ticket in the summer of 2016, while in Virginia. It was for $210, and she didn’t pay it by the deadline.

Neck injuries are nothing to take lightly. Those who are injured in car accidents must know what legal rights they have to financial compensation, especially if the injury leads to lost wages on top of medical bills.

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