Truck driving among the most dangerous jobs in the country

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Truck driving is among the most dangerous jobs in the country, according to new data released earlier this month. Many already know how dangerous it can be to work as a truck driver by simply watching or reading the news. The trucks are so large, have such a heavy load and are often involved in the most tragic of accidents. So, what does the data say?

The category that truck drivers fall into is called driver/sales workers and truck drivers. On a list of the Top 25 most dangerous jobs, this category hits the list at number seven. In 2016 there were 24.7 fatal injuries suffered among every 100,000 workers in this category.

All told there were 918 fatal injuries suffered in 2016 and 80,180 non-fatal injuries in this category. The median annual salary for this category comes in at $36,670. The most common type of accident for this category was a tie between bodily reaction and overexertion.

The majority of workers who fall into this category are truck drivers, specifically delivery drivers. These drivers operate both heavy and lightweight trucks. These drivers spend most of their working day on the roads, which is why 80 percent of fatal injuries suffered in 2016 in this category were caused by accidents. This category has close to three million employees in it, the most of the entire Top 25 list of dangerous jobs.

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