What should I do after a Lehigh Valley motorcycle accident?

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Do you love riding your motorcycle in the Lehigh Valley? No matter where you go, you never fail to see motorcycles enjoying all that the region has to offer. Riding is dangerous even for the most experienced of motorcyclists. So, what should you do if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in the Lehigh Valley? We take a look at the answer in today’s post.

It’s important that you remain at the scene following an accident, especially if you’ve been injured. You will want emergency responders to treat you at the scene prior to being transported to a local hospital. You should never leave the scene of the accident, even if you were not at-fault.

Do not deny medical attention. This is not just for the paramedics, EMTs and firefighters who examine you at the scene. This involves going to the hospital. If you have the opportunity to be transported, take it. You never know if an injury will begin to show hours after the crash.

If you are injured badly you can speak with the police and witnesses about what happened. Write down the contact information for the witnesses. Be sure that you never admit fault to anyone at the crash scene as this can put a wrench in your legal plans.

Make note of the road conditions, time of day, weather, direction of travel and anything else pertinent to the accident. This information will help your attorney when putting together your claim.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a motorcycle accident in the Lehigh Valley? Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for your injuries as well as protect your rights.

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