Common causes of Lehigh Valley truck accidents

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Navigating the roads of the Lehigh Valley can be quite dangerous. The major highways are constantly jammed with high volumes of traffic. The side streets can be just as crowded depending on the time of day. Large trucks are a common sight on these roads, so today we will discuss the common causes of Lehigh Valley truck accidents.

One of the most common causes of a large truck accident is when a vehicle turns left in front of the truck at an intersection. There are various reasons for this type of accident, but most often it is due to a vehicle’s driver not being able to anticipate the speed of an approaching truck and its distance before making the turn.

Another common cause of large truck accidents is when a vehicle drives in between two trucks. This is incredible dangerous because neither truck driver will be able to see the vehicle in the middle lane.

Drivers that abruptly change lanes in front of a truck are putting themselves at a great risk for an accident. Driving near large trucks should always involve safe operations of the vehicle in an effort to avoid accidents.

Vehicles can also get involved in serious truck accidents when they improperly merge into traffic. Trucks already on the highway that are approaching the merge might not be able to slow down, accelerate or change lanes to accommodate a vehicle merging onto the highway.

Have you been injured in a truck accident in the Lehigh Valley? An attorney can help you find out about your rights and how you can secure compensation for your injuries.

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