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Drivers being urged to pay attention when driving following crash

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Drivers are being urged by the family of a motorcycle accident victim to pay attention when driving. The family, from Nashville, Tennessee, has been making the plea ever since their relative was killed in a May 18 accident involving his motorcycle and a pickup truck.

According to the investigating officer, it is possible that the driver of the pickup truck rolled a stop sign at the intersection where the accident occurred, killing the man on the motorcycle. The driver of the pickup truck was eventually charged with failing to yield the right of way, which resulted in death.

The operator of the motorcycle suffered severe head trauma and died from his injuries one week after the accident. The victim’s sister had the following to say last week about the loss of their loved one: “We’re doing as well as we can be given the situation. We have a lot of questions and we are hurting. He was always smiling, always there to help somebody, and was just full of life.”

The victim was a father of three and worked as a registrar at Lincoln Tech. The family visited the intersection where the accident occurred this past weekend to lay flowers in his honor.

The penalty for failing to yield the right of way that results in death is a $500 fine and a Class A misdemeanor. The driver could also lose his or her driver’s license for at least one year.

“That’s not justice for taking my brother’s life or taking anyone’s life,” the victim’s brother said.

A petition online has been created to increase the fines and penalties for this charge and it has already gained more than 1,500 signatures.

The family continues to plead with the public to pay attention while driving.

“Please pay attention,” the victim’s sister said. “Just know the severity and penalties behind your actions.”

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