Recoverable damages in motorcycle accidents

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Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most horrific accidents on the roads of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Riders are not required to wear helmets by law in the state, which can make these accidents even more serious. Victims of motorcycle accidents and their family members, should the accident be fatal, can recover a host of different damages.

One of the most common damages recovered in a motorcycle accident is that of the victim’s medical expenses. Medical expenses can include ambulance rides, tests, x-rays, surgeries, hospital stays, emergency room bills, rehabilitation and medical equipment needed for the home. If a victim is paralyzed during an accident, he or she might need to renovate their home for wheelchair accessibility. This could be another type of medical expense recoverable under damages.

Lost wages also fall under common damages that can be recovered following motorcycle accidents. Victims of these accidents could miss significant time at work due to their injuries. They might never return to work depending on the extent of their injuries, or if they died as a result of the accident. Lost wages, lost future wages and the lifetime earning potential of the victim could all be recovered under damages.

Pain and suffering is another common damage recovered following a motorcycle accident in the Lehigh Valley. The victim of the accident could wind up suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the accident. The victim could also deal with other physical and mental pain and suffering as a direct result of the accident. If the victim died of his injuries, the surviving members of his family can also recover damages for pain and suffering.

If the victim of a motorcycle accident died from his injuries, the family could recover damages for the funeral and burial expenses incurred.

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