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Commercial vehicle accidents and how to prove your case

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Commercial truck accidents on Lehigh Valley roads are not uncommon. A large volume of truck traffic moves through the area to and from Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and further. This type of accident can be more dangerous and catastrophic than an accident involving two cars because of the truck’s size. If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial truck accident here is how you can prove your case.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, large truck crashes accounted for almost 5,000 fatalities in 2006 and more than 106,000 injuries on the roads of the country.

If injured in a commercial truck accident, the victim will need to prove the following in order to win the case:

– The driver of the truck or the trucking company, the defendant, owed the plaintiff a duty to exercise reasonable care in order to avoid injury under the circumstances.

– The truck driver or trucking company, the defendant, failed to exercise this duty of reasonable care, or otherwise breached the reasonable care.

– The truck driver or trucking company’s failure to exercise the reasonable duty of care was the cause of the injury to the plaintiff in the case.

As the plaintiff, if you are able to prove the driver or the trucking company was at fault for your injury, you could be eligible to receive damages. Damages are awarded for such things as lost wages, medical expenses, loss of life, emotional stress and many other items.

There are two special considerations when it comes to commercial truck accidents that might not always lead to the truck driver or trucking company being liable for the accident. Those special considerations are turning accidents and jackknifing accidents. Large trucks tend to jackknife or turn widely when necessary and these accidents might not always lead to the driver being held liable.

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, can walk you through your case and explain your rights as a victim following a commercial truck accident.

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