Pennsylvania auto accident leaves 8-year-old dead

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Parents in Pennsylvania are committed to the safety of their children. Unfortunately, there are negligent drivers who can turn what should be a safe activity for a child — walking home from school, for example — into a dangerous activity. Police say that they have recently arrested a man they believe was involved in a fatal auto accident that resulted in the death of a young girl.

Police say that the young victim, an 8-year-old, was walking home from school in mid-November. She and her brother were crossing an intersection when they were struck by a sports utility vehicle. The girl passed away; while reports indicate that the brother was knocked down, the severity of his injuries are unclear.

The driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck the children is accused of failing to remain at the scene. A 24-year-old man was recently arrested in connection with the accident; his SUV was discovered at a body shop. He could potentially be charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the accident.

The loss of a child is emotionally devastating. While this child’s parents should be shopping for Christmas presents for her, they are instead planning a funeral due to an auto accident. Unfortunately, the financial consequences of an unexpected death can quickly become overwhelming. To help cope with these expenses, many families in Pennsylvania pursue damages in a civil court; if negligence can be proved, they could receive a monetary award.  While such an action will likely do little to lessen their emotional burden, it could reduce some of the stress resulting from unexpected expenses, allowing them to focus on their emotional recovery.

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