Pennsylvania toddler killed in fatal rear-end auto accident

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Losing a toddler in a crash that could have been avoided is naturally a devastating experience, and although recovery of damages may be sought, nothing can fill the void left by the tragedy. However, compensation could ease the financial burden caused by such a tragedy. On a recent Tuesday morning, a fatal auto accident that involved three cars claimed the life of a 3-year-old Pennsylvania girl.

A preliminary report about the accident, which remains under investigation, states that the wreck happened on Route 155 in Kane. Reportedly, a toddler was in the car with a 27-year-old Roulette woman who was northbound and stopped with the intention to turn left into a private driveway. A 32-year-old Port Allegany woman traveling behind this car failed to notice the stationary vehicle and smashed into the rear of it.

The impact of the rear-end collision sent the first car into the southbound lanes where a third vehicle smashed into it. All three drivers were said to have suffered injuries of which the severity was not reported. Sadly, the 3-year-old girl who was in the first car succumbed to her injuries. It is not known whether any charges will follow in the aftermath of this tragic crash.

Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, the driver of the vehicle that crashed into the car carrying the child may have to face a civil lawsuit. The parents of the child who was killed in this auto accident retain the right to pursue recovery of damages brought about by the tragedy. A wrongful death claim may be filed in a Pennsylvania civil court, and after establishing negligence, documented claims for financial and emotional damages can be presented to the court for adjudication. A monetary judgment may then be entered.