Driver accused of killing teenage friend in fatal auto accident

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No person would want to be responsible for the death of a friend. However, it is quite common to see reports of fatal car accidents in which the negligence of drivers caused the deaths of passengers. A man from western Pennsylvania has to face the consequences of such an auto accident that claimed the life of his friend.

The 18-year-old driver was recently arraigned on vehicular homicide charges, along with drunk driving and other related charges. The fatal accident occurred in May when the driver allegedly lost control of the car in which he was carrying more than one passenger. The car smashed into a mailbox, a tree and a fire hydrant before coming to a halt.

The driver’s 16-year-old friend, who was one of the passengers in the car, succumbed to his injuries after he was admitted to a hospital. An autopsy report indicates that blunt-force trauma caused his death. Police allege that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal limit of .08 percent. Another teenage passenger claimed that they were traveling at 100 mph just prior to the crash.

The deceased teenager’s surviving family retains the right to pursue financial relief through the Pennsylvania civil justice system. Despite the fact that his friend is the person deemed responsible for his death, a wrongful death claim can be filed. However, before the court considers documented claims for emotional and economic losses, financial liability must be established by sufficient proof that negligence on the part of the defendant contributed to or caused the fatal auto accident.

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