Fatal motorcycle accidents: Biker slams into car making U-turn

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Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are often at risk of injury simply due to their lack of protection. A significant percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who fail to keep a proper lookout for bikes. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are not always visible in drivers’ rear-view mirrors, so bikers know they must be on the lookout for any unanticipated movements of other drivers.

Such circumstances might have been what led to the death of a 75-year-old biker on a Sunday afternoon toward the end of last month. A report by the Pennsylvania State Police indicated that the Saxonburg man was westbound on Pa. 40 not far from Uniontown when he encountered a car that was busy making a U-turn without yielding. The biker was unable to avoid smashing into the car.

The motorcycle was sent into the lanes of eastbound traffic by the impact of the crash. None of the drivers of the cars that were involved in this accident suffered any injuries. However, the motorcyclist lost his life, and his death was declared at the accident scene.

The surviving family members of bike riders who have been killed in motorcycle accidents caused by the apparent negligence of others may pursue claims for financial relief. Wrongful death lawsuits may be filed in a Pennsylvania civil court. For such claims to be successful, the plaintiffs must establish negligence by one or more defendants. Once financial liability is formally established, the court will adjudicate all documented claims for emotional and financial damages sustained.

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