Fatal car accidents: SUV crashes into basement of Mont Alto home

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In what a fire chief labeled as one of the most unusual accidents he has attended to, a 39-year-old Pennsylvania man lost his life. This is just one of many Pennsylvania car accidents attributed to speeding. Reportedly, the fatal crash occurred in Mont Alto.

According to a witness, a man driving an SUV was traveling between 70 and 100 mph in a residential area shortly before 5 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. Police say the driver was speeding through an intersection on Route 233, allegedly disregarding the stop sign. He raced past the local post office and smashed into a house.

Reportedly the car smashed through the wall of the house and landed in the basement of the residence. The car erupted into flames, and the driver and a passenger were trapped inside. The driver did not survive the accident, but the passenger was rescued and airlifted to a medical facility for treatment of injuries of which the severity was not reported.

Injured victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligence of other parties may pursue claims for financial relief even if they were passengers in the vehicle of the driver deemed responsible. A personal injury lawsuit may be filed in a Pennsylvania civil court against that person. However, if that party did not survive the crash, the claim may be filed against his or her estate. Documented claims for recovery of emotional damages and financial losses will be considered for compensation by the court after negligence has been established by appropriate proof.

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