Auto accident: minivan rolls over onto ejected passenger

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Disregarding red lights on busy Pennsylvania roads can have devastating consequences. Five people landed in a hospital after a recent auto accident that followed such a fundamental driving error. Police reported that the crash occurred in Nicetown on a recent Saturday morning.

An accident report indicates that a 21-year-old minivan driver ran a red traffic light and traveled directly into the path of a pickup truck that was being operated by a 61-year-old driver. The pickup smashed into the minivan’s passenger side. The impact caused the minivan to roll over.

One of the passengers was ejected from the minivan, and when the vehicle flipped over, it landed on top of her. Passersby rushed to lift the van off the seriously injured woman. Reportedly, she suffered internal injuries, and she was taken to a hospital along with four other injured passengers of the minivan. Neither one of the drivers was injured, nor were any of the other reported injuries believed to be serious. According to police, impairment is not suspected, and the accident investigation is ongoing.

The passenger who was trapped under the minivan after this auto accident may have to face extended hospitalization and high medical expenses. She will be entitled to pursue financial relief by filing a personal injury claim against the driver in a Pennsylvania civil court. Negligence on the part of the minivan driver will have to be established before the court will award any compensation. Once it has established financial liability, all documented claims for damages — both financial and emotional — will be adjudicated.

Source:, “Minivan lands on top of woman in Nicetown accident“, Julie Shaw, April 24, 2016