70-year-old Pennsylvania passenger dies in serious car accident

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A 70-year-old Pennsylvania woman lost her life in a two-car crash in Chanceford Township. State police alleged that the serious car accident was caused by a 35-year-old driver who was driving while he was intoxicated. Reportedly, the incident occurred at about 8 p.m. on a recent Monday evening.

According to an incident report, the deceased woman was a passenger in her husband’s car, traveling south on Delta Road. The alleged drunk driver reportedly crossed from the northbound lane into the southbound lane. The southbound driver pulled off the roadway in an effort to avoid a collision, but to no avail.

The wrong-way driver apparently hit an embankment and then struck the passenger side of the stopped car. The deceased woman’s husband said his wife was killed on impact. Officers reported that the driver who caused the crash had bloodshot eyes, and he was smelling of alcohol when he exited his vehicle. Also, his speech was slurred, and field sobriety tests showed signs of intoxication. Reportedly, blood was drawn for toxicology tests, and the man was arrested and booked into York County prison.

Along with the trauma of losing his wife in this serious car accident, the surviving husband will have to cope with the financial consequences of her untimely death. He may pursue monetary relief by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in a Pennsylvania civil court. Upon establishment of negligence on the part of the person deemed responsible for the fatality, the court will consider all documented claims for financial and emotional losses brought about by the tragedy.

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