Personal injury: Pickup truck strikes 2 Bradford City juveniles

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While an accident investigation is ongoing, one juvenile is fighting for his or her life in a Pennsylvania hospital, and another one is being treated for serious injuries. This follows a pedestrian accident that caused serious personal injury to the two children. The Bradford City Police responded to the accident early on a recent Wednesday evening.

A report by the chief of police indicates that the juveniles were struck by a pickup truck as they were crossing a local street. It is not clear whether they were in a crosswalk when they were hit by the truck. He reported that the road at the intersection would remain closed to allow a reconstruction team to investigate the accident scene. Footage from the camera at the intersection will likely provide more information about the circumstances of the incident.

According to police, the condition of one of the children was critical, and he or she was scheduled to be transported to another hospital. The other one was reported to be in critical but stable condition. The pickup truck driver who knocked the children down reportedly remained at the scene.

When personal injury is caused in an accident in which a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the pedestrian may have a viable claim against the vehicle operator. Depending on the evidence, the victim’s ability to recover damages may be affected by the Pennsylvania comparative negligence laws under which a percentage of fault is assigned if the plaintiff was also at fault. So long as the injured party is no more than 50 percent at fault, he or she is typically entitled to damages. Due to the complexity of these types of personal injury claims, they are often best navigated by experienced attorneys.

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