Serious car accident: High speed crash kills 2, injures 2

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Car accidents on Pennsylvania roads often involve young drivers who have passengers traveling with them. Unfortunately, many of these crashes result from driving at high speeds. When a passenger is injured — or a life is lost — in a serious car accident that was caused by such negligence, the driver may be held accountable for the financial, physical and emotional damages caused.

A crash on Route 33 in Lehigh County on a recent Saturday night resulted in the deaths of two and moderate injuries to two others. Pennsylvania State Police reported that a 19-year-old male driver, who was travelling at a high rate of speed, crashed into the rear of another vehicle. The driver of the other car suffered moderate injuries, and she was transported to a hospital.

The speeding driver was also rushed to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Sadly, he only survived until the following evening. The coroner’s report indicated that the driver’s death was caused by blunt force trauma. One passenger, a 20-year-old man, in this car also passed away, and another passenger, and 18-year-old man, suffered injuries that were described as moderate.

In a case such as this one in which the driver who is deemed responsible for the serious car accident dies, his estate can be sued in a Pennsylvania civil court. The surviving family members of the passenger who lost his life in this crash may pursue compensation for end-of-life expenses and other losses by filing a wrongful death claim. Also, the injured passenger and the driver of the other car may pursue personal injury claims to obtain compensation for medical expenses and other documented losses. However, no monetary judgments will be entered until negligence has been established to the satisfaction of the court.

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