4 die in serious car accident by alleged wrong-way driver

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A wrong-way driver allegedly caused four deaths in an auto accident on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania early on a recent Saturday morning. State police reported that a serious car accident occurred in South Abington Township. The office of the Lackawanna County district attorney and the state police are continuing the investigation.

A witness reported seeing a northbound Lincoln traveling south on Interstate 81 and narrowly avoiding a collision with another car. The driver continued north until he crashed into another vehicle that was occupied by people returning home from work. Three Scranton residents, ages 68, 30 and 29, died in this crash.

Also, a 32-year-old female who was riding in the Lincoln died as a result of her injuries. The Lincoln’s driver — of whom no information is available –apparently survived the collision. It was suggested that weather conditions did not play a role in the accident as no snow was falling at the time. Autopsies will be performed on the deceased victims.

The emotional impact of the death of a loved one is obvious, but an untimely death can have serious financial implications for the survivors as well. The surviving families of each of the victims who lost their lives in this serious car accident are entitled to hold the driver accountable and pursue financial relief by filing wrongful death claims in a Pennsylvania civil court. Those deciding to sue will have to prove that negligence by the wrong-way driver caused the deaths of their loved ones. Upon the establishment of negligence in each case, the court will consider entry of monetary judgments. All claims for losses and expenses brought about by the tragic accident — financial, emotional and physical — must be documented for adjudication by the court.

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