Medical malpractice suit filed against TV plastic surgeon

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While it will not ease the anxiety typically suffered by patients nationwide who are scheduled for plastic surgery, including here in Pennsylvania, mistakes happen. A plastic surgeon in another state is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by an unhappy patient. The accused surgeon stars in “Botched” — a reality TV show in which he rectifies errors made by other plastic surgeons. The lawsuit claims that, this time, he was the one who made a surgical error. The plaintiff apparently underwent rhinoplasty and septoplasty in Nov. 2014.

The patient contends that he experienced discomfort in his right eye on the day following the procedure, but the doctor assured him that it was due to the splint on his nose. However, after removal of the splint seven days later, his right eye would not close completely, and it was hurting. This time, the surgeon said the problem would disappear once the swelling subsided. The discomfort and pain continued, but the defendant continued to assure the patient that all was well. The plaintiff was referred to some of the defendant’s colleagues, one of whom was an eye doctor who suggested the problem stemmed from a pre-existing condition.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff learned in Jan. 2015 that the medial canthal tendon had been displaced during surgery when his nasal bone had to be broken. The patient contends that the surgeon was aware of the error but tried to conceal it. It is further alleged that the defendant referred the plaintiff to his friends who would protect the surgeon’s reputation by assuring him that nothing went wrong during surgery.

The plaintiff asserts that, along with the continuous pain he suffers, he is now unable to properly blink or close his right eye. This allegedly altered his appearance and has prevented him from working. Furthermore, rectifying the error will likely require more surgical procedures. He is seeking damages for the medical negligence that has left him with a permanent disability. Pennsylvania residents who are suffering the consequences of botched surgery have the right to retain the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to guide them through the complexities of such a lawsuit.

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