Medical negligence alleged in neonatal hospital care

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When a new baby is expected, Pennsylvania families are naturally excited as the birth date approaches. In most cases babies are born with no problems to mother or child, but, unfortunately, there are instances in which medical caregivers provide substandard care during and after the baby’s birth. Even if all goes well during the birth process, medical negligence immediately after the birth can have devastating consequences.

A hospital and three doctors in another state are facing a lawsuit that was recently filed by the parents of a baby who suffered permanent brain damage. The court documents indicate that the mother was admitted to the hospital in Dec. 2007 for the premature birth of her baby boy. The plaintiffs contend that the infant developed a neonatal infection that went unnoticed and undiagnosed by the physicians.




According to the complaint, the failure to diagnose the infection allowed it to spread to the bloodstream and the nervous system of the infant. Irreversible injuries were allegedly caused to multiple organs, including his brain. The infant remained in the care of the hospital for more than four months before he was discharged. The lawsuit states that the child will never have a normal life, and medical expenses will continue indefinitely.

The parents of the child who allegedly suffered permanent injuries as the result of medical negligence are seeking a trial by jury and over $50,000 in the recovery of damages. Pennsylvania parents who have to live with the consequences of medical negligence may benefit from consulting with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer can assess the allegations for the viability of a claim and provide support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings related to such a lawsuit.

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