Worker suffers work injury when firetruck tips over onto him

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Workers in all industries are exposed to hazards that are often life-threatening. Many safety hazards are known and can be addressed to avoid workplace accidents. However, in some cases, an accident is unanticipated and needs a thorough investigation to determine whether a work injury was avoidable.

A freak accident in Pennsylvania recently caused serious injuries to a worker who became trapped by a firetruck ladder. The accident reportedly occurred at the premises of the Clymer Volunteer Fire Department. According to a report by the safety officer of the fire department, a worker was inspecting a firetruck on a recent Monday afternoon. For reasons not yet determined, the rigger responsible for supporting the truck that was undergoing its annual recertification failed.

With no other workers nearby, the truck tipped over and landed on top of the worker. When he was discovered, he was trapped under the ladder of the firetruck. Firefighters were called back to the station and, after extricating the injured worker, he was airlifted to a hospital. The severity of his injuries and his current condition is unknown.

While an accident investigation is pending, the injured worker may be concerned about the mounting medical expenses and his inability to return to work. Fortunately, any Pennsylvania worker is entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a work injury. In addition to medical expenses, the benefits typically also cover a percentage of lost wages, based on the wage level of the injured worker. Workers who have suffered injuries that resulted in temporary or permanent disabilities may be considered for additional compensation along with vocational training to teach them new skills that will accommodate their physical limitations.

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