Work injury caused by electrical shock sends worker to hospital

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The proactive approach of a fire company may have saved the life of a Pennsylvania worker at a downtown construction site in State College. The company says it had previously evaluated the construction site and shared plans for potential emergency situations with the construction company. When a work injury occurred on the site on a recent Wednesday morning, responders were prepared.

They reportedly arrived at the site to find a 56-year-old worker had suffered a severe electrical shock on the second floor of the 13-story building. It was reported that the worker’s equipment came in contact with a power cable while he was pouring concrete. When responders arrived, the electricity was still active, but power was soon terminated to allow for the safe removal of the victim from the building.

The injured worker was lowered to ground level with the aid of a lift, and he was then transported to a suitable landing area for the medical helicopter that rushed him to a hospital. Although there were conflicting reports about his condition immediately after the accident, rescue workers said he was breathing. No updates on his condition were available.

A nonfatal workplace accident can have a severe impact on a worker’s ability to continue earning an income. The financial relief offered by the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance program typically allows victims of a work injury to settle medical bills, and a lost income package may assist with day-to-day living expenses while they focus on getting better and returning to work. Those whose injuries cause disabilities may receive vocational training to prepare them for jobs that will accommodate their physical abilities.

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