3 wheeled motorcycle accidents: Head-on crash claims biker’s life

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Whenever drivers travel busy Pennsylvania roads, they are at risk of being involved in accidents. Understandably, operators of motorcycles are more vulnerable because they have little protection. It is not uncommon for motorcycle accidents to cause severe injuries that are often fatal.

A team of accident reconstructionists with the Pennsylvania State Police launched an investigation into a fatal accident that occurred in Mercer County on a recent Wednesday. A preliminary accident report indicated that a 60-year-old pickup truck driver was traveling on Route 208 when he was forced to swerve to avoid a collision with another pickup truck. It was reported that the second truck entered the roadway directly in front of the other driver.

The first pickup truck swerved into the lane of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and smashed into a three-wheeled motorcycle that was operated by a 52-year-old woman from Ohio. The motorcycle rider lost her life. It was reported that more people suffered injuries, but no details were reported. The affected stretch of road had to be closed for a considerable length of time while investigators were busy at the scene.

The family of the driver who lost her life in this accident may pursue claims for financial relief. Other families who have lost loved ones in similar motorcycle accidents also retain the right to seek restitution. With sufficient evidence of negligence to establish liability, a wrongful death claim may result in a Pennsylvania court awarding a monetary judgment. In addition to end-of-life costs, other documented financial losses may also be considered by the court.

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