Dump truck driver causes work injury in construction zone

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Workers in construction zones along Pennsylvania highways are exposed to multiple safety hazards, and reports of on-the-job injuries are not uncommon. In many cases, such injuries are caused by negligent or distracted drivers. An investigation into a recent work injury that was allegedly caused by a dump truck operator was launched by the Pennsylvania State Police.

The workplace accident reportedly occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon on State Route 29. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that one of its workers in a construction zone suffered injuries when he was run over by a dump truck. First responders reportedly arrived at the scene to find the worker pinned under the wheels of the truck.

A crane was used to lift the truck off the injured worker. Members of the police and fire departments took part in the rescue operation. The worker was rushed to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries that were not though to be life threatening. The ongoing investigation will likely focus on determining exactly what occurred to cause the work accident.

When a Pennsylvania worker has suffered a work injury, he or she is entitled to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost wages by filing a benefit claim through the workers’ compensation insurance fund. In a case in which the negligence of a third party caused an on-the-job injury, the worker may have a viable third-party claim. Such a claim can be filed in a civil court in addition to a workers’ compensation claim, and upon appropriate proof of negligence, the vehicle operator and the owner of the vehicle may be held responsible for any financial losses incurred. While workers’ comp laws generally bar a worker who has suffered injury in an on-the-job accident from suing the employer or a co-worker, than prohibition does not apply to others whose negligence is claimed to have caused or contributed to the accident.

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