Route 255 cross-over auto accident claims 3 lives

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When Pennsylvania drivers cross over the center line into the lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction, it is never easy to determine why it happened, especially if the cross-over driver dies in the accident. While distractions are often the cause of such accidents, there is always a possibility of a medical condition suffered by the driver. Regardless, a cross-over auto accident typically requires thorough investigation to provide clarity.

One such, yet unexplained, cross-over accident took the lives of three people on a recent Tuesday evening on state Route 255. According to the police report, a 71-year-old driver veered into the opposite lanes and crashed head-on into an SUV that was driven by a 50-year-old man. There was also an 84-year old passenger in the SUV.

Upon impact, the SUV burst into flames while the two occupants were trapped inside. Bystanders reportedly tried to extinguish the flames while waiting for the firefighters, but it was all in vain. Both drivers and the SUV passenger died at the scene of the accident. The coroner said toxicology tests will be done on both the deceased drivers, and an attempt will be made to determine whether the driver who caused the accident had suffered a medical event that may have led to the crash.

Whenever a Pennsylvania family loses a loved one in an auto accident that was caused by the apparent negligence of another party, the surviving dependents may be entitled to pursue financial relief to assist with the expenses commonly associated with end-of-life arrangements. Armed with evidence to substantiate negligence, along with documented details of financial losses, a successful presentation of a wrongful death claim may lead to monetary compensation to ease the financial burden. It is not uncommon for families to retain the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney to guide them through the legal proceedings.

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