Child suffers severe personal injury when car strikes his scooter

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When children share the roads with vehicular traffic while they are riding on scooters or bicycles, they are typically at significant risk. Vehicle operators are not always considerate when they come across children traveling on the busy roadways, and collisions can have devastating consequences. A 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy landed in a hospital after suffering severe personal injury when he was struck by a passenger vehicle.

Pennsylvania State Police reported that the boy was traveling on a Blythe Township road in the late afternoon of a recent Monday. As he proceeded into an intersection, he was reportedly struck by a car that was driven by an 18-year-old driver. It was alleged that the driver of the vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and knocked the boy from the scooter.

Police reported that there were two children in the car, but neither they nor the driver suffered injuries. The driver reportedly remained at the accident scene. The boy apparently suffered critical injuries, and he was rushed to a helicopter pad from where he was airlifted to a hospital. No charges were filed at the time, and it is not known whether any charges will follow.

The parents of this child will likely face high medical costs, and, depending on the severity of his injuries, long-term treatment may be required. They are entitled to pursue compensation for all financial losses related to the accident. With evidence to show negligence on the part of the vehicle operator, the parents retain the right to file a personal injury claim in a Pennsylvania civil court. If the vehicle belongs to another party, that party may also be held liable for financial losses.

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