Motorcycle accidents: Hit-and-run driver causes rider’s death

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As we move into summer, motorcycles will become more prevalent on Pennsylvania roadways. The lives of motorcycle riders are at risk whenever they take to the roads, and it is not uncommon for motorcycle riders to suffer severe — or even fatal — injuries when motorcycle accidents occur. This is especially true when automobiles are involved. A Pennsylvania woman recently lost her life when her motorcycle was struck by a vehicle.

The Pennsylvania State Police reported that a 60-year-old woman was traveling east on U.S. 30 just after midday on a recent Sunday. She was riding on a three-wheel motorcycle. Officers allege that a driver of a pickup truck entered the road from a driveway and struck the motorcycle with great force, causing it to roll over and eject the rider.

The county coroner reported that the woman was not wearing a helmet and determined that her death was caused by multiple blunt force trauma. Police said that the driver of the truck fled the scene, but he was apparently located at his home later. An accident investigation is reportedly underway, and charges may be filed upon completion.

When Pennsylvania families lose loved ones in motorcycle accidents — or any other accidents — that are deemed to be the result of the negligence of other parties, the families have the right to pursue financial relief to cover end-of-life expenses. Documented evidence of negligence will be required to substantiate wrongful death claims in a civil court. Upon successful presentation of such claims, the court may award monetary compensation to ease the financial burdens of grieving families.

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