Faulty lift truck blamed for 1 fatality, work injury to another

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A seemingly preventable accident recently claimed the life of a Pennsylvania tree-trimmer and caused severe work injury to another. A 53-year-old worker was at ground level while another worker was elevated in a bucket that was fitted to the boom of a service truck. For reasons yet to be determined, the boom malfunctioned, causing the bucket to drop and strike and kill the worker on the ground. The man in the bucket at the time of the malfunction suffered a work injury and was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

Workers who are employed by Pennsylvania tree-trimming companies often find themselves in life-threatening situations. The owners of such companies must protect every worker against work injury, regardless of the tasks to be performed. Every tree-trimming project must be assessed for potential hazards, and workers must only work on jobs for which they have received adequate training.

Tree-trimmers who are not supplied with protective equipment, such as hard hats for all workers and fall protection for those working at heights, are exposed to several safety hazards. Mechanized vehicles that are not in proper operating order, or operated by untrained workers, may malfunction with devastating consequences. Employers who are proactive and comply with safety regulations may prevent many of the injuries and fatalities that occur every year.

Injured Pennsylvania workers are entitled to retain experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to pursue financial relief appropriate to the circumstances. The same goes for the surviving family members of workers who die after suffering a work injury. An attorney who focuses on obtaining fair compensation for injured workers and grieving families will be able to handle judicial and administrative proceedings while protecting the rights and best interests of the client.

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