2 tourists, bus driver, die in Pennsylvania semi-truck crash

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A group of tourists from another country was traveling in a contracted bus on a sightseeing trip when their vacation was abruptly interrupted. While traveling on Interstate 380 in Pennsylvania, the bus was involved in a semi-truck crash. State police are investigating the deadly accident to determine the reason for the semi-truck crossing a wide median into the traffic lane of the bus.

The tragic accident occurred on a recent Wednesday morning and left two passengers and the bus driver dead. One of the passengers who lost his life was a 29-year-old man who was on his honeymoon, and his wife was one of more than 12 others who suffered injuries. Another tourist and the driver of the bus also lost their lives. All the injured victims were taken to a hospital, and two were reportedly in critical condition.

The impact of the collision caused the cab of the semi-truck to detach and leave the road before rolling over, leaving the trailer lodged into the side of the bus. The truck driver reportedly suffered non-severe injuries. No details were made available about the truck driver’s log entries and the number of hours he had been driving prior to the crash.

Injured victims of a semi-truck crash, along with the families of passengers who lost their lives in such an accident, may pursue financial relief. Negligence by another party will have to be proved when personal injury and wrongful death claims are filed in a Pennsylvania civil court. In a case such as this crash in which the apparent negligent driver also died, his or her estate may be named as defendant. The driver’s employer and the owner of the vehicle may also be added as defendants when someone pursues compensation for medical expenses, other documented losses and/or end-of-life costs.

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