Man files medical malpractice suit after spouse’s death

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Individuals who need medical care would naturally want to trust in the experience of medical caregivers. However, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, this is sometimes not the case. A man recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a rehabilitation center in another state. The claim is related to the death of his spouse that was allegedly caused by a medication error after a misdiagnosis. The plaintiff alleges that although the facility was apparently on notice of substandard practices and ongoing negligence, officials failed to improve the standards to an acceptable level.

The complaint states that the spouse of the plaintiff was initially treated at another hospital for HIV, brain lesions and colitis. During his stay at this hospital, he received insulin treatment for high blood sugar levels, along with an occasional dose of Levemir. This treatment was apparently stopped as soon as the blood sugar level was stabilized. After successful treatment at the hospital, the spouse was reportedly transferred to the defendant rehabilitation center.

Upon arrival at the rehabilitation center, a nurse allegedly incorrectly diagnosed the patient as diabetic and reintroduced Levemir treatment. This allegedly caused a dangerous drop in his blood sugar level on his third day at the facility. He apparently suffered hypoglycemia that is an emergency condition in which a patient’s blood sugar content diminishes abnormally. It is stated that the abnormally low blood sugar was noticed by laboratory personnel and reported to the center, but no action was allegedly taken.

The plaintiff asserts that although he notified the medical staff at the center that his spouse was not diabetic and that Levemir treatment should be stopped, the administering of the drug continued. Another hypoglycemic episode allegedly caused his death later that month. Pennsylvania residents who have lost loved ones due to nursing negligence or other means of medical malpractice may pursue compensation for financial and other losses. After gathering and documenting evidence that will show negligence, a surviving family member may file a medical malpractice claim in a civil court.

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