Mother and son files medical malpractice claim

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Needing to undergo an organ transplant is naturally an extremely stressful situation for patients in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. At such times, patients should be able to trust in the knowledge and experience of the medical professionals who will be in control of the surgery and aftercare. A man in another state who was in the final stages of renal disease and suffered hypertension was scheduled for a kidney transplant in 2011. Unfortunately, the treatment he received apparently did not live up to expectations and his wife and son recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the treating cardiologist and the medical facility.

According to the plaintiffs, the patient brought his hemophiliac condition to the attention of the doctor during the examination before the transplant surgery. He asserted that this disorder preventing blood from clotting would require an infusion before catheterization. It is alleged that the doctor decided not to do an infusion and failed to consult with a specialist in the field of hemophilia. This failure allegedly caused nerve damage that necessitated additional surgery that left his hand paralyzed and prevented him from going back to work after his discharge from the hospital.

The man ultimately passed away after subsequent hospitalization in the same facility. The plaintiffs’ accusations of medical malpractice follow the doctor’s failure to obtain expert hemophilia advice and failure to administer the infusion. Furthermore, they claim a lack of proper care and monitoring of the patient’s nerve-damaged arm and hand, and the choice to perform neurolysis to block nerve signals to relieve the pain.

In addition to medical expenses, the plaintiffs seek damages for unnecessary suffering of pain and mental distress, along with the loss of income capacity and life enjoyment. Whenever surviving family members feel that their loved one’s death was the result of medical malpractice, they are entitled to pursue compensation by filing a claim in a civil court. Obtaining the relevant information to use as evidence in a medical malpractice claim is typically not easy, and the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney may be beneficial.

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